HyeonHo Jeon


Born in 1990, he started to have a musical education from the age of 4, initially with piano and later with modern flute. From the very first encounter with recorder, he was fascinated with this instrument and he decided to study in Germany with Prof. Gerd Lünenbürger. He began his studies at a young age, entering the University of Arts Berlin at 17 years old for a degree specialising in pedagogy. During this degree, he was a scholarship holder of Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. The Ensemble "La Prosperina" was founded during this time and they gave concerts throughout Germand and won first prize and audience prize at Förderpries für Alte Musik in Saarbrücken. After graduating with the highest degree classification, he moved to Barcelona to study with Prof. Dr. Pedro Memelsdorff (Escola Súperioir de Música de Catalunya). At Barcelona, his focus was analysis and freedom in music. in 2013, he won the 2nd prize at the International Telemann Competition with his group "Matís". After graduating in Barcelona he continues his study in Switzerland.

From 2013 to 2017, he studies with Prof. Conrad steinmann in Basel. He received the Fine Arts Scholarship of the Swiss government (the biggest scholarship in Switzerland). In June 2015, he performed his final recital and was rewarded the highest mark (Performance Master). In June 2017, he graduated Specialized Master (Early Music Historical Performance Practice) with highest mark

During this time, he recorded two CDs with ensemble Matís, those CDs were published by Lable Ars Produktion.

In August 2018 he participated International Competition Musica Antiqua in Brugge (the biggest and honorable Competition for Early music), and he won the 3rd prize.

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